This cabin originally stood on property in the Gabriel Mills area owned by Samuel Mather, a miller and blacksmith. Built in the early 1850's from squared logs and hand-hewn limestone, it housed church, school and Masonic Lodge meetings before it became a dwelling. Emile Jamail, then owner of the property, donated it to the City of Georgetown in 1975.

 As a community project to celebrate the Bicentennial, it was moved there and restored. By 2004, the cabin was deteriorating rapidly, and lack of City funding prompted a decision to demolish it. In keeping with its objective to save County heritage, the Old Settlers Association assumed the task of moving and restoring the cabin as closely to its original condition as possible.


This cabin's history is uncertain. It is thought that the cabin was moved to Harrell Park sometime between 1937-1940. This cabin had a screen porch attached to the front for many years. The treasurer of the organization lived in this cabin for a short period of time. Each year during the Reunion, families would stay in this cabin for the week long event.

The cabin was taken apart, labeled, moved and rebuilt in the OSA Park at Palm Valley in 1988. The screen porch was not added


Built in 1855, this two-room cabin with breezeway, commonly known as a dogtrot, was donated to the Old Settlers Association by Dr. G.D. Ross, It was relocated from its original site near Liberty Hill to the Old Settlers Association grounds at Harrell Park in Round Rock.

 In 1936 during the Texas Centennial Celebration. Liberty Hill had hosted the 1922 reunion of the Old Settlers Association after a catastrophic flood the previous year had demolished their usual campgrounds on the banks of the San Gabriel River in Georgetown.
Dr. T.M. Harrell gave a block of land and Luke Robertson gave three acres of land that subsequently became the Harrell Park. This became the home of the organization and held its meetings and annual celebrations. For many years the Association President camped in the cabin during annual reunions, and it was occupied by a caretaker the remainder of the year.

 The cabin was moved to its present site following the relocation of the Association headquarters from Harrell Park to Palm Valley Park in 1988.